Monday, February 27, 2017


Hello there!

Bonnie and I have an upcoming sketch trip planned for later this Spring and we look forward to sharing the adventures with you.  Can you guess where we are going by the sketch below? If you have been there, you will recognize the location, it's quite famous.  Here's a hint: near Miami. We'll leave you guessing until time gets closer to reveal our plans.

 We live about four hours apart in the same state and we like to get together to sketch, mostly we stay local whether here in south Florida or in our hometown of Jacksonville.

Indian River Park 
 We often visit parks in the area to sketch and paint.  The painting of Indian River Park was done on location and finished in the studio.
House of Refuge
 The House of Refuge was done from a photograph. Some days it isn't possible to paint at a location such as the beach due to weather and the no-see-ums.

Jupiter Lighthouse

Bonnie loves to sketch outside and paint on location if possible.  Only I'm not as fond of the "public" painting as she is. 

Old Ortega 
 This was a fun day in Jacksonville, we toured my old neighborhood of Old Ortega and sat in the park on the tailgate of Bonnie's SUV to paint with a great view of the shoppes.  This brought back many fond memories of the years we lived here.
Miss Lucy's Street-Jacksonville
Same day, we also rode around the Willow Branch area and landed on Miss Lucy's street where we were sketching.  A tiny, petite elderly lady comes out of her home dressed to the nines in her sensible heels, skirt and twin-set with pearls and politely asks us what we are doing in her most ladylike southern drawl. (At this point in the day, we may have looked a little rumpled and undesirable or perhaps she thought we might be casing the neighborhood).  This was Miss Lucy.  Once we introduced ourselves and explained we were just there to sketch the buildings across the canal, she was all smiles and good with us being on her street.  

Wherever Bonnie and I go, we always have our sketch pads and some art supplies with us, we know that we will find something wonderful to sketch.  I would also encourage you to take your pencil and paper outside and enjoy sketching wherever you are.  

Happy Sketching!


  1. Great memories. Your water in the Indian River painting is great.
    See you soon.

    1. Hey thanks Bon. That painting is one of my favorites. Great times, looking forward to more memory making art. LFYVBFILA

  2. That's funny! Miss Lucy sounds like granny :)


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