Thursday, February 6, 2014


This little scribble was done at a little park not far from
Susie's house that we frequent often.  We were "just chillin" and enjoying the
beautiful day outside.  This was done in a small watercolor
journal that my BFF made for me.  

Although much of the art Susie and I have done together has originated either ON or FROM a trip somewhere, this is not always the case.  Of course, now that we live about four hours driving distance apart, there is that little trip, but I don't count that.

I have found the most difficult thing about going to spend time with my BFF is in trying to figure out what I am going to take with me.  Because we are heavily invested in SO many things, we have to check in with one another before leaving so we will know WHAT to bring and long ago figured out we can't take it all with us.  Will we make jewelry (should I bring the beads?), will we work on a new or old quilt (should I bring fabric?), or will we knit/crochet (bring the yarn?)...??????  So much to think about.

But there is ALWAYS the ever present mini watercolor set.  After years of purchasing a multitude of easels, pallets, watercolor tubes, sponges, brushes, watercolor additives and tools ad infinitude...which is not to mention all the papers and journals in every size, weight and texture imaginable, we have finally arrived at a tiny little kit we can usually fit into our medium sized purses.  And although we HAVE traveled with the BIG stuff in tow, the heavy duty supplies now mostly live at home in the studio.

Another park....another painting.  Susie wanted me to see the house
on the hill.  It was hot that day and, while I don't recall for certain,
looks like those are rain clouds in the distance.  Sometimes a few raindrops
on a watercolor painting can be interesting.  Unlike oils or acrylic, where the
paint STAYS where you put it, working in watercolor means giving
up control for the most part .  It's exciting to watch the colors flow, blend
and do their own thing.  Susie is a master of fluid technique and dashes
beautiful paintings out faster than I can drink a cup of coffee before it gets cold.
Most of the time she is finished and waiting anxiously for me to finish so we
can move on to our next scene.  The pressure, the pressure...... 

We are never quite sure where we will wind up on our little day outings, but it's always enjoyable.  The duration of our playtime is dictated by only weather and hunger.  Sometimes we bring food with us for a little mini picnic as we did the last time I was down to see her.  We had some unexpected guests for lunch.....

The Ibis showed up looking for a free meal.  They were quite respectful actually and nothing like some of the birds who have joined our picnics over the years.  These guys had absolutely no fear and hung around for a long visit so I had time to dash this off as a memento of that day.

We are all building memories every day... Do everything YOU can to make your memories happy ones.  Take care of your friends and those you love.  Carry them in your heart with a smile.  And as always I say to you.....

Sketch on.......

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