Thursday, October 24, 2013


Finished painting promised from couple of posts ago.....
PS...My hair is really white (or blond somtimes) but it didn't
show up well against the light sky, so I darkened it.  It's
called "artistic license"... tee hee

Perhaps I should not tell you this but I think I can now officially label myself as one of the laziest artists in the world.  Although I have a completely furnished studio in which to work, I have figured out how to paint (small things) while sitting in my recliner!!  Obscene isn't it?  Far from being a fancy piece of furniture, it's one I like because it's all broken in (another term for pretty beat up!) .... and because it was my mother's who was always (and would be now but for advanced alzheimer's) my number one cheerleader no matter what endeavor I undertook.

Suzy and I have discussed how far back we can recall loving art and we agree it most likely goes back to our very first coloring books.  It was love with the first crayons!  And, OH MY...when we learned to MIX colors to get a new one it was heaven; and, I must confess, it still is.... especially when it comes out the way we want it to.  

There are still many photos from the recent Michigan trip that I have been mulling over because there is so much material from which to paint.  It was difficult to decide what to do first but I finally focused on a snapshot of a tree which is holding onto its last blazing color prior to winter dormancy.  Talk about going out in a 




That's all for this week.  Thanks for joining us.  We very much appreciate your comments, so click on the comment box and let us know what you think.  And good to your friends.  Maybe you could go for a walk with a friend and pick up some marvelous fall leaves.  I put some in a clear container along with a pretty flower and called it "decoration".    :)

Until next Thursday....

Sketch on.....  

Friday, October 18, 2013


Back in the day when we were young and naive, my BFF and I were having lunch together at a restaurant at the beach where Suz lived at the time.  It was a delightful lunch, just the two of us, and we rambled on and covered one topic following another when somehow the subject of peanut butter sandwiches came up.  Well!  Suz reacted as though I had mentioned blood, guts and gore at the lunch table exclaiming how much she absolutely HATED peanut butter!    Wassat?  How could anyone hate peanut butter of all things?  I recall the first time I EVER tasted it.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven....

She went on to explain how much she did not like the "odor" when she washed the peanut butter off the knife and said it smelled very offensive.  I laughed inwardly at first and then could not help myself and told her she needed to get over it because when she had children they WOULD eat peanut butter.  Of course she proclaimed then and there that HER children would NEVER EVER have peanut butter!

From that point on the conversation veered into new territory where we each cited item after item that OUR children would NEVER have or EVER do!  This covered the list from earrings (on boys) to haircuts (or lack of one), clothes fashions, and much more.  I am sure you out there can relate.  Can I get an AMEN?

At any rate, time went by and Suz's children were born...and they grew.... and big surprise.... they LOVED peanut butter.

And that's how it came to pass that whenever one of us makes a statement that we may have to digest later (as in eat your words), the other of us asks, "Is that a peanut butter statement?"

Meanwhile I did some investigation on peanut butter and found some interesting facts on Wikipedia I thought I would share with you.....

In the early 1900s, peanut butter was considered a delicacy that was only served in New York City's finest tearooms. The product was first paired with a diverse set of foods such as pimentonasturtiumcheese,celerywatercress, and on toasted crackers.[3] In a Good Housekeepingarticle published in May 1896, a recipe "urged homemakers to use a meat grinder to make peanut butter and spread the result on bread." In June of that same year, the culinary magazine Table Talk published a "peanut butter sandwich recipe."[4] The first reference of peanut butter paired with jelly on bread to be published in the United States was by Julia Davis Chandler in 1901 in the Boston Cooking-School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics.[5][6] By the late 1920s, this sandwich eventually moved down the class structure as the price of peanut butter dropped. It became popular with children.[7] During World War II, it is said that both peanut butter and jelly were found on U.S. soldiers' military ration list, as claimed by the Peanut Board.[8]

Thanks for stopping by and joining me today.  All that talk about peanut butter.....mmmmm I have to 

go make a sandwich now.  TTYL and don't forget to have fun and take good care of your friends.

Sketch on.....  


Monday, October 14, 2013


       It's Apple Season in Michigan!

We had a great morning at the apple orchard farms with the Mommy Group. It was a delight to join my daughter's MG and see the young mothers with their little ones, to watch them interact with the children as they discovered apple picking for the first time.  And yes, even the adults seemed to be awed at the fragrant sweet smells and visual beauty of the apples on the trees. It was intoxicating!!   Smiles all around, hands down it was FUN, FUN FUN!  

After we picked the apples we were treated to the best cold apple cider I've ever tasted, so pure and sweet the bees were buzzing around us as we sipped the cold nectar. Man, it was good! Oh and the pumpkin donuts were absolutely delicious too.

This was baby Jackson's first visit to the orchards and to the pumpkin patch! He was ready for action dressed in his pumpkin onsie and the pumpkin hat Grandma Bonnie made, he was the cutest pumpkin in the patch! 


It was a beautiful day in the apple orchards.    

     Here's a sketch to celebrate the autumn and apple season in Michigan.    

 Hope you are enjoy the beauty of the season!

Take your sketchbook and head outside!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Complements to my BFF on her stunning autumn watercolor leaves.  She has such a wonderful eye for color and blew me away with the leaf paintings from Monday's post.  

There was color a plenty to be seen on our adventure to Michigan....even in the airports... all the new styles and, yes fall colors in clothing.  The only redeeming factor when forced to schlep around airports is seeing the people.   Seriously, who goes to the airport dressed in 27" heels for goodness sakes?  Get a pair of sensible shoes and your feet will not hurt (very important).
But I should not go on this way.  The older I get the less confident I am in how to dress myself.  LOL  I am fearful there may be those looking at ME and wondering what "I" was thinking when I dressed myself that morning.  Of course, what I am usually thinking is...What still fits.....that looks age appropriate.....and does not have paint stains on it?  

Must tell you about the coolest gift that Suz made for me for the Michigan adventure...a mini art pack which was complete with six pan watercolors (color mixing chart included), a pencil, tiny sponge, and an old credit card for scraping to get texture all enclosed in the cutest metal box (lid to be used for mixing paint).  Also included was a mini watercolor tablet which she made herself.  Now how thoughtful was THAT?  What a great item to just toss in your purse so you can be ready for any "watercolor event".

WE had a great time at Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm where we were able to pick apples in the orchard.  
Now, I don't know about you; but this city girl has never had that opportunity before.  And, get this... for a mere $5 we  received a glass of fresh cider, a doughnut or cookie (cookie is my favorite food group...along with hot dogs) AND this included the 1/4 peck (approximately four large apples) which
we each picked right off the ole apple tree.  

And they were scrumptious   If you have been to a grocery store lately, you know that you can barely get TWO large apples (the good ones) for $5 these days.    

Of course we could not resist purchasing the prepackaged home made topping mix for making apple crisp which we had for dessert that same night, made of course, from a mixture of apple types which we had picked that day.  MMMMMMMmmmmmm

We were so busy all of time we were there that I did not even DO any art other than a random sketch here and there.  But there are plenty of photos from which I will be working.  Started this one last night.....  Apple picking fun.  I will share the finished product with you next week.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I enjoyed sharing with you.
Hoping you are encouraged to sketch a little something from time to any apples?

Until next time...give your BFF a call and 

Sketch on.....      

Monday, October 7, 2013


Welcome Fall!  

The leaves were on the verge of changing when we arrived

 each day we would venture out and notice the leaves were getting more colorful

by the end of the week they were changing quickly into their autumn splendor.  

Happy Sketching! Happy Fall!