Friday, February 24, 2017


                              PRIMITIVE ART AND MORE

Isn't it amazing to think that about 40,000 years ago one of our ancient ancestors was inspired to create an image on a cave wall...therefore producing the first known art.  I never cease to marvel
at the simplistic beauty of these ancient paintings and drawings. I wonder if the artist cared about the opinions of peers and I wonder if he/she thought it was "good" or walked away frustrated as I have been known to do when I just can't get my "vision" onto the paper.

Art IS (at least for me) a form of communication, a form of play and discovery. An artist may want to share a thought, message or feeling through the art... Even simple things as "These colors are fabulous together. Look!"  Or  "Wow look at the detail and on this simple shell".  And sometimes we just... You know... Doodle.

Susie and I virtually ALWAYS have a sketch pad with us.  If not, any piece of paper will suffice. We have sketched in restaurants on napkins (my VBF is overcoming her fear of doing art in public).  We have sketched our food and strikingly colorful tiles on a wall.  I have sketches on 5x8 index cards. Whatever is handy when the moment strikes will suffice.

Often these quick sketches remind me of cave drawings in their rudimentary presentation and that's what I like the most about them.  I call it HONEST art because what I try to capture is the gist of what caught my interest. It's done quickly without fiddling and agonizing over it; and I have found when looking back at the art after a while that it has merit even without being museum quality. Lol. Best of all, every time I look at the honest art, it takes me right back to that place and time... even more so than a photograph because in sketching you really LOOK at the scene, the lines, the colors......

So I leave you with this today encouraging you to just do it. You will find, as I do when looking at the drawing later... That it wasn't so bad.....even if your original opinion was that it looks like cave man art and should be trashed. Thank goodness our long ago ancestors didn't trash their art.

Hope to see you back soon. Let me know you were here.  😘 Bonnie

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  1. Hey Bon, loved your post, it reminds me of the many times we have sketched together and how we are our biggest critics when our sketches don't match how we envision them in our minds. But, we press on and later find they are a lovely reminder of our time spent together in a beautiful place. YVBFILA


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