Monday, December 30, 2013


Hi Everyone!

It's that time of year again when we all start to think about the past year and look forward to the upcoming new year.  Do you make New Year Resolutions?  I've learned that I'm not very good at keeping any I make so why bother, they'll be broken within a few weeks anyhow.  Ok, so let's move on.
Personally, I'm a list maker and so is my dear friend Bonnie.  We make all kinds of lists and I'll let you in on a little secret, her lists are on spreadsheets!  Right, you heard it here.  She is the QUEEN of the spreadsheet!!  And here's something really funny, she just discovered after a number of years of owning her Mac that she has a spreadsheet program on there!! She was beyond thrilled to discover it. (I know <wink>).

 My current list is of Things I'd Like to Do in 2014 (yikes, that sounds like Resolution but trust me, it isn't anything like Resolution).

 One item on my list is Take a Class and Invite A Friend.
 I used to take lots of classes and have somehow fallen out of that mode.  One of the best classes was one taken with friends, we would meet before class and have dinner and then attend class.  It was something we all looked forward to doing together.  Maybe you know someone that likes to draw or paint, why not ask them to take a class with you?

On My List:  Challenges....take a few.   Bonnie and I occasionally like to Challenge each other to paint different scenes.  We email the photos to each other and then say: Paint it!

Here's a few I've painted from places we have visited.
San Antonio TX

Spring Creek, NC

Along Pacific Coast Highway, CA

Spring Creek, NC

 So there will be challenges in the coming year and we'll be sharing the results with you. Stay tuned!  Why not grab a buddy and start your own painting challenge?  It's a guaranteed good time!

Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 23, 2013


 Angels we have heard on high.....I've been humming that tune for weeks. I see the little pink angel my daughter made when she was 5 years old, she resides at the top most branch of the Christmas tree.  The place of honor where other angels have tread.  She brings a chuckle to my lips each time I see her.  Pinky with her fading glittery wings has replaced a beloved quilted angel and a paper mache angel from previous years.  We think she is the best.

Here's Pinky:

I did a little sketch of Pinky.

But seriously, I think about the Good News the Angel shared with the shepherds so many thousands of years ago....."I bring you Good News of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you, He is Christ the Lord."  And we are still celebrating that Good News today!

"This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger."
Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."

May you find your Peace in Him.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Sketching is a habit that I can't seem to stop my brain and hands from doing.  I absolutely LOVE sketching, drawing (they ARE different!), name it.  But it all begins with the idea....and the initial sketch.

Sometimes I sketch out of boredom in a waiting room....this really makes people wonder what I am doing!  But most of the time I sketch out something that has sparked an emotion or idea of some kind from which a later painting may be developed.  Sketching is a rough (in my case VERY rough) representation of the idea or of the subject.  Since these depictions are so rough they are usually the most HONEST art of all because the sketch is done very quickly picking up what the sketcher sees as the most important information.  The sketch is not intended to be beautiful; and yet often it is due to its pure simplicity.

Loving and caring continue

My Mom has Alzheimer's disease and is in a nursing home.  I had recently told Susie how I often observe two patients, one soothing or helping the other in some way.  They have a friendship and caring for one another that surpasses our understanding and is rather amazing to see.  
Future Painting Perhaps

I'm never worried about having a sketch pad nearby when my muse prompts me.  Sorry this is so faint, but I grabbed a wrapper from about some yarn I was knitting with to jot down this image.  A friend had sent a photo of her granddaughter that I want to pursue painting at some point.  As you can see I had also been doing some other calculating on the paper planning for a little quilt I want to give to my year old grandson....Yes, I KNOW Christmas is in six days!   Somebody help me....I know I am quite insane!

Lunch with my BFF
This sketch of my part of my lunch one day while down visiting Susie brings back a fun memory.  Salsa & chips and a beverage.  There were lovely tiles on the walls too which Susie sketched.  Perhaps she will share some of those at a future date.  She has come a long way from the girl who would not draw/sketch/paint in public.  

Tori from photo in charcoal

One of my very favorite things to draw with is charcoal.  I just love they way it can be shaded and manipulated (getting rid of the boo boos).  This is a DRAWING (a little more defined that a sketch) of  one of my granddaughters when she was younger.   This was done from a photo.  Although I do enjoy drawing with a live person in front of me, it's a little more difficult because the subject gets BORED...especially if the subject is a child! LOL.  
Sketching is such a fun thing to do and I can't encourage you enough (all of you readers) to join in.

Friend of my daughter's when she was younger.  Done from live pose.

No one has to see it but YOU.  Hold your pencil loosely and just draw something....just draw what you see.  What YOU SEE may turn out to be more beautiful that the actual subject.  Your art is sifted through YOUR brain and your thoughtfulness to represent what it the most important aspect of the subject to YOU. I always encourage you, find a pencil (erasing is not to your best advantage) and a scrap piece of paper (you don't need a fancy drawing pad) and just sketch something....anything... your hand, your feet, your pencil (not the one you are drawing with...that's harder!).    In closing remember that each one of your friends is one of a kind...never to be repeated in all of history.  Be good to them.  Until next time my friends.....

Sketch on.....   

Wednesday, December 4, 2013



With the holidays upon us our thoughts turn to many things.  Fond memories of Christmas past, yummy treats to make and eat, gifts to make and give to those we love, and sometimes frantic thoughts of what "must" be accomplished before December 25 of THIS year.

My mind, however, being a little left of center, has today focused on my poor neglected FEET
and the project (yes, I said PROJECT) of getting them in condition for possible viewing over the next few weeks.  Now.... if I lived up north, perhaps this would not be a concern.  But living in the south, where it is not unheard of to actually go swimming on Christmas Day, we must remain cognizant of the condition of our toes.  After all, we may have to don those Christmas flip flops!

Many ladies regularly have their toes done "professionally."  And while I have had mine "done" a few times, I almost always do my own....One reason is that I am frugal (ok cheap).  The other reason is.....I'm cheap and I can live with that.

Over the years Susie has frequently asked me to give her a pedi, but she may not ask ever again.  The last time I did her feet, I shaved a sliver of meat off her big toe.  (No was very very thin piece, altough there WAS blood.) was not intentional, but she has not asked me since.  I sensed she was not really pleased when it happened.  It was the screaming that clued me in.  : o  

I completely understand her asking me to give her pedicures.  I know for ME, it's not the same doing toes these days as it was 50 + years ago.  For one thing, the feet require a little more attention now as they are not the same pretty little soft skin little cuties that they once were.  Must be all those years of walking on them, getting blisters from hot surfaces (the sand on a summer beach or hot tarmac racing to your car), squeezing them into the most fashionable shoes (NOT ANY MORE), and just plain abusing them.  And it's just not EASY to get TO them if you know what I mean.  I am a fully inflated lady and for me to get TO my feet and toes for any length of time qualifies as a full yoga workout and pilates all in one.  When finished I require a heating pad on my back, a muscle relaxer and a pain pill.  LOL

Looking at my little foot sketch above, I think the first thing I should do is see a surgeon if my feet REALLY look like that.  Or maybe I just need some more art lessons....yeah thats it!  Always in need of more art books or supplies.  Hey....maybe someone will give me some for Christmas!

My challenge to you is....get out a scrap piece of paper and a simple bic pen or a pencil.  Take off your shoes and socks.  Draw a picture of your cute little feet.  Send that pic to us.  We REALLY want to see YOUR art.  Art is fun and you don't have to be an "artist" per se to make art.  Heck...look at MY foot drawing!  Just DO IT!  Can't wait to see your pictures.  Come on....humor me.  Invite a friend over and "DO" one another's feet....and draw them too!  And good to your friends.  Come back and see us on Monday for Susie's post.  Until then.....

Sketch on.....


Monday, December 2, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Thanksgiving was so late this year it practically ran right into December before we had time to clear the table! Hubby and I have a tradition of picking out a live Christmas tree just after Thanksgiving and this year was no exception.  The Christmas tree is up and has lights on it. That's all I'm sayin' right now because I'm still putting away the Fall decorations.  But before they are tucked away for another season,  I thought I'd share a little sketch with you.  The baker's rack in the kitchen is the spot that holds each seasons favorite treasures.

On the top shelf a large plank autumn painting by my Dad, several old glass bottles, my grandmother's butter mold, a ceramic pumpkin and owl (it's about 43 yrs old.) The middle shelf holds decorative fruit plates, a fave blue tea pot and creamer and a wooden dish of assorted gourds (plastic) and a recent add is a large sunflower bud.  Bottom shelf holds my painting of a cantaloupe and a collection of Boston bean pots.

Each season the decorations change, but mostly the same ones are used year after year.  It's become a tradition in our home, just like getting the Christmas Tree right after Thanksgiving.  Perhaps you have some traditions in your own family. Wouldn't it be fun to sketch your favorite things for each season?   I'll be sharing a few sketches and some of our traditions with you over the next few weeks.  I hope you will leave a comment and let me know some of yours!

Happy Sketching!