Thursday, February 16, 2017


                                                 WHAT EXACTLY "IS" ART????

Based on the almost endless descriptions reported by Google (my fav resource), art can be almost anything.... Written, sung, pasted, drawn, painted, colored, stamped, danced, molded, spun in finitum.
Therefore we are ALL artists of one sort or another. Even when the "art" doesn't turn out to be anything I would deem salvageable, if it was spawned by purpose and intent, it must indeed BE art.

Looking through older artwork of "intent" if not complete (or anything even close to) success I am relieved in knowing it is a process like every other worthy endeavor.  Some days I am so frustrated that I feel tempted to throw all of my art supplies in a heap and burn them. 😖. And other days I finish up a project wondering, "How did I DO that?"  I am still learning to just go with it.

The sea gulls are very simple sketches on inexpensive drawing paper I have had for ages. This was done at the beach (duh), some 15 years ago, with my son and my grands. I was trying to get some ideas for different head views.

And of course at the beach we will find SHELLS.  I really need to sketch more shells as I have a pile of them on my counter awaiting.  I want to throw a little color on them as well.

Over the years I have done many a sketch of dear Susie.  This one was done in 1991. It's not perfect, but does resemble her.   I was going to put some color on it (see the auburn paint swipes at the bottom of page?  That was going to be hair but I either ran out of time or could not get the color right.

My boy Bob (aka BOBCAT) was done in 2014. He is gone now but he was a very special boy who adopted ME one day by walking off the street right into he warehouse office where I was working at the time. He jumped right up in my lap and made himself at home. When lunchtime came we shared a hot dog (my favorite food group, remember?) so I knew we were a match.

My last piece to share with you today was a real stretch for me.  While Susie is more than a pro at many approaches to art, my forte is generally based mostly on the tangible and realistic (at least as realistic as I am able to produce. I long to be able to do much of what she does and have tried on many occasions but I just don't seem to have it in me. At any rate this was based on a theme of letting go (no I was not thinking of Elsa).  I love frog images, knick knacks etc. and FROG is an acronym for Fully Reliant On God. Thus, in the picture the hands are depicted "letting go" of the things that are/were troubling or fearful to me at the time and the circles represent those troubles as bubbles floating away.

So. My friends once again I thank you for taking the time to give us a look see. We would REALLY REALLY like to see your comments or just a thumbs up in the comment section below. It means a lot and keeps us encouraged just to know you were here.  Until next week..... Keep sketching.


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  1. Stopping by for a visit. You know I think you are so talented! Thanks for being bold and stepping out to share your gift with others...not just your art but your writing as well. FROG <3 Annakay


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