Friday, March 3, 2017



                                                      JUST SKETCH SOMETHING

When I was a child my grandmothers always remarked about my great coloring .... How I always stayed "inside" the lines.  If only they could see me now. I am all over the place.  I finally learned to sketch with freedom trying to catch the essence of my subject. It's just fun and there is no commitment to go further. These sketches speak for themselves. These few below were done while I was assisting in a summer school program over the summer. Most are unfinished .... People kept MOVING. The nerve of them.

Subject matter is always being sought... Especially when I am in the mood to sketch but too lazy to get out of the house.  But being "on site" is not imperative. I have been known to resort to drawing whatever I can see from my chair.... Even my art supplies!   I have also done a still art composition from kitchen items. 😊. I find if I just sketch SOMETHING... Anything... My art juices begin to flow and its easier the next time.

Trees and flowers are perfect subjects, because they are all different. So who can say they are wrong?
I like that.....A LOT!!!  Architecture I am not as adept at  (where blatant imperfection comes in) so I just throw in some shrubbery and pretty colors.   VOILA!

But my real love is doing people... Especially when the sketch actually turns out to looks like (or even similar to) the subject. Although I am only an amateur sometimes I get close enough to recognize my subject and that's always a big win.  And no one is ever more surprised than me!

Keep sketching And share your efforts. We would love to see that we are inspiring you to just try.



  1. Your gift my friend is in "seeing" the beauty in each object you are looking at. People are your gift, beauty is in the "eye" of the beholder.
    I love all of your sketches but the little girl is the one that captures my heart. LFYVBFILA

  2. I am amazed at your gift! You are absolutely terrific at sketching. The few times I tried, thanks to your encouragement, I wasn't too disappointed but things looked kinda wonky. :) xoxo


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