Thursday, February 2, 2017

Quiet Places

Today's world/life is so completely filled with chatter and clatter, technology (my nemesis) and exponential CHANGE that seems one scarcely has the opportunity to assimilate into each new DAY before another day is upon us heralding a new myriad of challenges.

Even as a young child I sought the "Quiet Places".
Exploring the world and taking in every tiny detail was immensely fascinating. For hours I could roam about the neighborhood deriving much pleasure from the most mundane (by most standards) scenes.  I was captivated by the sunlight reflecting off a small stream, tree branches swaying in the breeze or I often could be found sitting for long periods engrossed in the activities of tiny ants marching in long lines as they created (or remodeled) their miniature abode.  Today (many moons later) my close friends will attest that I have never put away my interest and fascination with observing.

A quiet walk with a friend has been known to come to a sudden halt as I declared, "Look.... a dung beetle!", or "Oh my gosh.... look at these beautiful leaves" as I pick up the colorful treasures and hold them tenderly with every intention of painting pictures of them later. I never pay any heed when eyes begin  to roll as we all stop to observe the tiny creature pushing along his precious load (so to speak) nor when I am met with a blank stare over the beauty of the fallen leaves. My friend, Susie, does GET and tolerate me now...even though I still get the occasional "look" if she is in a hurry to move on to her next venue while I am still trying to get the shading on the dung beetle "just right".

She puts up with a lot from me .... getting this first post from me up has been no exception as it has been fraught with technical (and my) failure to comprehend issues from the moment we decided to reawaken the blog. For this and so much more I give her kudos and lots of love.

We both sincerely thank you for taking an interest and coming by today for a gander. Hope we can inspire you to pick up a pencil (any ordinary pencil will do) and just start sketching. You will be surprised how quickly you will like what you are doing. It's very relaxing if you don't agonize over it (of course WE have never done THAT 😩).  I leave you now til next week. Enjoy your friends, the sunshine and shadows dancing over the trees, a comfortable chair and a nice glass of wine in a quiet place from time to time.



  1. Dearest Bonnie, I do hope you take up a pencil for more than just sketching! You have painted beautiful images with your words!!!
    I love you and miss you much. xoxo :-)

  2. Dear Bonnie, I love your artwork and the way you paint a picture with words. Love, YVBFILATE&B


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