Wednesday, December 4, 2013



With the holidays upon us our thoughts turn to many things.  Fond memories of Christmas past, yummy treats to make and eat, gifts to make and give to those we love, and sometimes frantic thoughts of what "must" be accomplished before December 25 of THIS year.

My mind, however, being a little left of center, has today focused on my poor neglected FEET
and the project (yes, I said PROJECT) of getting them in condition for possible viewing over the next few weeks.  Now.... if I lived up north, perhaps this would not be a concern.  But living in the south, where it is not unheard of to actually go swimming on Christmas Day, we must remain cognizant of the condition of our toes.  After all, we may have to don those Christmas flip flops!

Many ladies regularly have their toes done "professionally."  And while I have had mine "done" a few times, I almost always do my own....One reason is that I am frugal (ok cheap).  The other reason is.....I'm cheap and I can live with that.

Over the years Susie has frequently asked me to give her a pedi, but she may not ask ever again.  The last time I did her feet, I shaved a sliver of meat off her big toe.  (No was very very thin piece, altough there WAS blood.) was not intentional, but she has not asked me since.  I sensed she was not really pleased when it happened.  It was the screaming that clued me in.  : o  

I completely understand her asking me to give her pedicures.  I know for ME, it's not the same doing toes these days as it was 50 + years ago.  For one thing, the feet require a little more attention now as they are not the same pretty little soft skin little cuties that they once were.  Must be all those years of walking on them, getting blisters from hot surfaces (the sand on a summer beach or hot tarmac racing to your car), squeezing them into the most fashionable shoes (NOT ANY MORE), and just plain abusing them.  And it's just not EASY to get TO them if you know what I mean.  I am a fully inflated lady and for me to get TO my feet and toes for any length of time qualifies as a full yoga workout and pilates all in one.  When finished I require a heating pad on my back, a muscle relaxer and a pain pill.  LOL

Looking at my little foot sketch above, I think the first thing I should do is see a surgeon if my feet REALLY look like that.  Or maybe I just need some more art lessons....yeah thats it!  Always in need of more art books or supplies.  Hey....maybe someone will give me some for Christmas!

My challenge to you is....get out a scrap piece of paper and a simple bic pen or a pencil.  Take off your shoes and socks.  Draw a picture of your cute little feet.  Send that pic to us.  We REALLY want to see YOUR art.  Art is fun and you don't have to be an "artist" per se to make art.  Heck...look at MY foot drawing!  Just DO IT!  Can't wait to see your pictures.  Come on....humor me.  Invite a friend over and "DO" one another's feet....and draw them too!  And good to your friends.  Come back and see us on Monday for Susie's post.  Until then.....

Sketch on.....



  1. Got my tootsies "done" today! They look very pretty.

  2. Oh my goodness, Bonnie! This post had me chuckling out loud!!! I can just seeing you shaving a bit off my sister's toe, and No, I'm pretty sure she won't ask again :) I would let you paint mine if you were here. Maybe not scrub or clip on them though ;) They need some pretty polish applied for Christmas and I totally get the 'inflated' comment! It's a little more difficult than in years past. Love you much, sisters! Y'all are a hoot :)

    1. Oh, And why isn't my blog listed on your blog list?!


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