Thursday, December 19, 2013


Sketching is a habit that I can't seem to stop my brain and hands from doing.  I absolutely LOVE sketching, drawing (they ARE different!), name it.  But it all begins with the idea....and the initial sketch.

Sometimes I sketch out of boredom in a waiting room....this really makes people wonder what I am doing!  But most of the time I sketch out something that has sparked an emotion or idea of some kind from which a later painting may be developed.  Sketching is a rough (in my case VERY rough) representation of the idea or of the subject.  Since these depictions are so rough they are usually the most HONEST art of all because the sketch is done very quickly picking up what the sketcher sees as the most important information.  The sketch is not intended to be beautiful; and yet often it is due to its pure simplicity.

Loving and caring continue

My Mom has Alzheimer's disease and is in a nursing home.  I had recently told Susie how I often observe two patients, one soothing or helping the other in some way.  They have a friendship and caring for one another that surpasses our understanding and is rather amazing to see.  
Future Painting Perhaps

I'm never worried about having a sketch pad nearby when my muse prompts me.  Sorry this is so faint, but I grabbed a wrapper from about some yarn I was knitting with to jot down this image.  A friend had sent a photo of her granddaughter that I want to pursue painting at some point.  As you can see I had also been doing some other calculating on the paper planning for a little quilt I want to give to my year old grandson....Yes, I KNOW Christmas is in six days!   Somebody help me....I know I am quite insane!

Lunch with my BFF
This sketch of my part of my lunch one day while down visiting Susie brings back a fun memory.  Salsa & chips and a beverage.  There were lovely tiles on the walls too which Susie sketched.  Perhaps she will share some of those at a future date.  She has come a long way from the girl who would not draw/sketch/paint in public.  

Tori from photo in charcoal

One of my very favorite things to draw with is charcoal.  I just love they way it can be shaded and manipulated (getting rid of the boo boos).  This is a DRAWING (a little more defined that a sketch) of  one of my granddaughters when she was younger.   This was done from a photo.  Although I do enjoy drawing with a live person in front of me, it's a little more difficult because the subject gets BORED...especially if the subject is a child! LOL.  
Sketching is such a fun thing to do and I can't encourage you enough (all of you readers) to join in.

Friend of my daughter's when she was younger.  Done from live pose.

No one has to see it but YOU.  Hold your pencil loosely and just draw something....just draw what you see.  What YOU SEE may turn out to be more beautiful that the actual subject.  Your art is sifted through YOUR brain and your thoughtfulness to represent what it the most important aspect of the subject to YOU. I always encourage you, find a pencil (erasing is not to your best advantage) and a scrap piece of paper (you don't need a fancy drawing pad) and just sketch something....anything... your hand, your feet, your pencil (not the one you are drawing with...that's harder!).    In closing remember that each one of your friends is one of a kind...never to be repeated in all of history.  Be good to them.  Until next time my friends.....

Sketch on.....   

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