Monday, November 25, 2013


 I'm taking a chance....a HUGE chance here, posting these watercolor sketches of Bonnie.  A chance that she might not speak to me ever again when she sees them, and the great likelihood that she will post the most dreaded of paintings......Squaw woman. Or she might be delighted to see them again and they will bring back fond memories of the day we spent painting on her deck.

I had come up for a weekend visit and as usual we were having coffee, chatting and enjoying the morning out on the deck overlooking the pond. It was a beautiful sunny morning, breezy and perfect for painting outdoors. After the morning turned into afternoon, we came up with the idea of painting one another out on the deck.   We cranked up the tunes and made a cocktail and out we went to paint.   The rules, Yes there were rules.... no pre-sketching with pencil, watercolor only, 10 minute intervals.  Because we were limited to watercolor and only 10 minutes to do the painting we were free to mix colors on the paper and splash it on! I found it quite liberating but also a bit challenging.  We laughed, we giggled and chortled and had a fabulous time creating our paintings.
This is my favorite painting of the day. The one that looks most like Bonnie in my opinion.

This is my Lily Tomlin impression.

Marilyn Monroe look alike.
A Greek Tragedy.
A bit of Andy Warhol.
And finally a different medium-Charcoal was used.

At the time I was taking a watercolor class in adult education, up to this point I'd only painted landscapes and flowers (no people) and fruit. I took my paintings in to the instructor, told her about the fun we had painting and showed her my paintings. She was so impressed that she had the class take out their Drivers License and do a self portrait using the guidelines we had established for our painting session.  What fun everyone had that night!

I hope this will encourage you to invite some friends over for a watercolor sketch party! Let loose and have fun!

Happy Sketching!

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