Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Bonnie isn't the only one cleaning out and doing some re-organization in the studio!  Oh yes, you can always tell it is FALL in my neck of the woods when I drag out the sewing machine, pull out the knitting needles and do a general decluttering of my work areas. This phenom takes place usually before Thanksgiving (Fall) and before Easter (Spring) in the studio ( oh there's the mini-declutter/straightening up in between too ;-0).  

So what does this have to do with anything?  I found these little paintings from an afternoon on the water near Bon's house.  You can see I was experimenting with pen and ink by the notes I've written on the page. 

 Often I'll add the details in a journal-like style or make notes on the back of the painting.  This particular day it was overcast with a hint of rain in the air, warm and humid.  It is funny that even without the notes, I remember exactly what the weather was like; there's something about painting outside that intensifies the senses. 

There definitely was some frustration for me that day with the whole marina thing. Lots and lots of boats were moored in the marina and for some reason this made me crazy.
Too many boats!!
But as you can see, I finally worked it out that I could use my artistic license to "edit" the scene and make a simplified version that captured the essence of the place.  I also took many photographs that day because it helps me to really "see" through my camera lens. 
Using Artistic License 
I hope you will find time to go outside and enjoy painting, drawing or sketching your surroundings!  Remember, you are the artist and you can EDIT the scene.....draw a portion or sketch the details and make field notes.  Go have fun!!

Happy Sketching!

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  1. Love the last one even though you noted on the painting it was too confusing because of the abundance of masts. It appeals to the abstract in me. Send it to me ;) xoxo


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