Monday, November 4, 2013



A long time ago......

In 1985 I took my first quilting class and met a wonderful group of women.  We quilted together for many years and we were instrumental in forming Coastal Quilters of Northeast Florida quilting guild in our area.  It is still in existence today. We were very enthusiastic quilters and one of our first projects as a guild was to make a queen size Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt to display at the annual quilt show.  It was a massive undertaking to say the least, making all those little hexagons, basting them individually and then sewing them together to make the flowers and the paths and borders (and a monumental effort to quilt it).  I don’t remember the exact count of hexagons that went into that quilt (thousands), but I DO remember I promised myself I’d never do it again! Well if your read Bon’s previous post about peanut butter statements, that was one…..never is a very long time!

Present Day.....

I’d forgotten how to draft a pattern for hexagons until I remembered an old quilting book on the shelf by Jinny Beyer “Patchwork Patterns”. After dusting off the book cover, I discovered drafting hexagons in any size was quite simple. Then there was the matter of getting the hang of using a compass again. Anyone remember those from math class?  Getting the pencil to stay put? 

And remember the Peanut Butter Statement? Never say never.  I'm back to the hexagons (the trendy name for them is hexies), but believe me, I am NOT making a quilt using hexies, but making a simple table runner. Photos are coming....soon. 

I've had to eat my share of Peanut Butter Statements over the years and I've learned to never say never!!! 

Hope you are having a wonderful week, go out and sketch something! 


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