Thursday, October 24, 2013


Finished painting promised from couple of posts ago.....
PS...My hair is really white (or blond somtimes) but it didn't
show up well against the light sky, so I darkened it.  It's
called "artistic license"... tee hee

Perhaps I should not tell you this but I think I can now officially label myself as one of the laziest artists in the world.  Although I have a completely furnished studio in which to work, I have figured out how to paint (small things) while sitting in my recliner!!  Obscene isn't it?  Far from being a fancy piece of furniture, it's one I like because it's all broken in (another term for pretty beat up!) .... and because it was my mother's who was always (and would be now but for advanced alzheimer's) my number one cheerleader no matter what endeavor I undertook.

Suzy and I have discussed how far back we can recall loving art and we agree it most likely goes back to our very first coloring books.  It was love with the first crayons!  And, OH MY...when we learned to MIX colors to get a new one it was heaven; and, I must confess, it still is.... especially when it comes out the way we want it to.  

There are still many photos from the recent Michigan trip that I have been mulling over because there is so much material from which to paint.  It was difficult to decide what to do first but I finally focused on a snapshot of a tree which is holding onto its last blazing color prior to winter dormancy.  Talk about going out in a 




That's all for this week.  Thanks for joining us.  We very much appreciate your comments, so click on the comment box and let us know what you think.  And good to your friends.  Maybe you could go for a walk with a friend and pick up some marvelous fall leaves.  I put some in a clear container along with a pretty flower and called it "decoration".    :)

Until next Thursday....

Sketch on.....  


  1. Wow! I love your sketches/watercolors! That was pretty cool how you showed the process. You should see the trees up here now! Pretty soon they'll be covered in snow :/

  2. Very lovely. Especially like the drawing / painting of the tree with a hint of red leaves. Makes me think of a tattoo. great job mom. I have always been partial to artistic work that is black and grey with a splash of color.

  3. Oh Bonnie, Those are fabulous!!! I love them. I remember loving to color and would do it for hours on end. In fact, I still like to color. I painted with Jake last time he was here. Taught him how to paint a fish :)


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