Monday, October 14, 2013


       It's Apple Season in Michigan!

We had a great morning at the apple orchard farms with the Mommy Group. It was a delight to join my daughter's MG and see the young mothers with their little ones, to watch them interact with the children as they discovered apple picking for the first time.  And yes, even the adults seemed to be awed at the fragrant sweet smells and visual beauty of the apples on the trees. It was intoxicating!!   Smiles all around, hands down it was FUN, FUN FUN!  

After we picked the apples we were treated to the best cold apple cider I've ever tasted, so pure and sweet the bees were buzzing around us as we sipped the cold nectar. Man, it was good! Oh and the pumpkin donuts were absolutely delicious too.

This was baby Jackson's first visit to the orchards and to the pumpkin patch! He was ready for action dressed in his pumpkin onsie and the pumpkin hat Grandma Bonnie made, he was the cutest pumpkin in the patch! 


It was a beautiful day in the apple orchards.    

     Here's a sketch to celebrate the autumn and apple season in Michigan.    

 Hope you are enjoy the beauty of the season!

Take your sketchbook and head outside!

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  1. What a great day that was! Apple picking is so much fun...but not as much fun as apple baking and apple eating!


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