Thursday, October 10, 2013


Complements to my BFF on her stunning autumn watercolor leaves.  She has such a wonderful eye for color and blew me away with the leaf paintings from Monday's post.  

There was color a plenty to be seen on our adventure to Michigan....even in the airports... all the new styles and, yes fall colors in clothing.  The only redeeming factor when forced to schlep around airports is seeing the people.   Seriously, who goes to the airport dressed in 27" heels for goodness sakes?  Get a pair of sensible shoes and your feet will not hurt (very important).
But I should not go on this way.  The older I get the less confident I am in how to dress myself.  LOL  I am fearful there may be those looking at ME and wondering what "I" was thinking when I dressed myself that morning.  Of course, what I am usually thinking is...What still fits.....that looks age appropriate.....and does not have paint stains on it?  

Must tell you about the coolest gift that Suz made for me for the Michigan adventure...a mini art pack which was complete with six pan watercolors (color mixing chart included), a pencil, tiny sponge, and an old credit card for scraping to get texture all enclosed in the cutest metal box (lid to be used for mixing paint).  Also included was a mini watercolor tablet which she made herself.  Now how thoughtful was THAT?  What a great item to just toss in your purse so you can be ready for any "watercolor event".

WE had a great time at Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm where we were able to pick apples in the orchard.  
Now, I don't know about you; but this city girl has never had that opportunity before.  And, get this... for a mere $5 we  received a glass of fresh cider, a doughnut or cookie (cookie is my favorite food group...along with hot dogs) AND this included the 1/4 peck (approximately four large apples) which
we each picked right off the ole apple tree.  

And they were scrumptious   If you have been to a grocery store lately, you know that you can barely get TWO large apples (the good ones) for $5 these days.    

Of course we could not resist purchasing the prepackaged home made topping mix for making apple crisp which we had for dessert that same night, made of course, from a mixture of apple types which we had picked that day.  MMMMMMMmmmmmm

We were so busy all of time we were there that I did not even DO any art other than a random sketch here and there.  But there are plenty of photos from which I will be working.  Started this one last night.....  Apple picking fun.  I will share the finished product with you next week.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I enjoyed sharing with you.
Hoping you are encouraged to sketch a little something from time to any apples?

Until next time...give your BFF a call and 

Sketch on.....      


  1. Fun, fun! Love going to the apple orchard's. Looking forward to your sketches, Bonnie :) xoxo

  2. So glad you enjoyed yourself up here! We loved having you :) I took mom to another apple orchard after we dropped you off, and they had the BEST apple cider cinnamon donuts!


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