Monday, March 6, 2017


Hello Friends,
 I noticed an orchid blooming on the side of my house which is pretty unusual since my orchids are supposed to be on the front porch! The side yard is "the graveyard" for plants that have pushed past their prime and are looking a bit worse for wear, so it seemed odd to see an orchid blooming there. Apparently my husband tossed one of the orchids on the side of the yard with other ailing plants. Hmm. The plants that are put here either make a miracle comeback or they are moved to their final resting spot (trash), its up to them to survive and believe it or not, 90% of them do make a comeback over in the side yard.
Orchids on the porch
It's been a glorious weekend here in South Florida, we are enjoying abundant sunshine and low humidity.  The orchids have been blooming on the front porch for several weeks and I was thinking about the Orchid Show that used to be in the local mall many years ago.  The most wonderful, exotic blooms and fantastic orchids from all over the world were shown there.

Orchids in sketchbook 

 Well, the Orchid Show is back in its full glory, bigger and better than ever and it was this past weekend!  To make the show even more exciting, my granddaughter had a painting in the show!
Brianne's Orchid Painting
She amazes me with her drawings for a seven year old.  She drew and painted the purple orchids above.  I think I mentioned before that Brianne and her sister Lyla LOVE flowers especially orchids.  When they were little and my orchids were blooming, they picked every blossom in the yard but they never touched the orchids.  They know these flowers are special ones and they aren't to pick them.

Orchids in pencil 
The variety of orchids with their colors, shapes, patterns are endlessly fascinating and it's always challenging to draw or paint them.  Over the years, you can see I've tried to capture their beauty in my sketchbooks with pencil, watercolor and pen and ink.

Orchids in the Window.jpg
Orchids in the window
I'll leave you with some photo inspiration from the Orchid Show.

 Please join us in sketching, painting these fantastic flowers! We'd love to see your work! Leave us a comment below with a link to your drawings.

Have fun!


  1. Hi Susie! Thanks for posting on your blog. The photos and drawings are beautiful.

    1. Thank you Kathy for stopping by. So happy you are enjoying the blog, photos and drawings. Thank you for taking time to leave your sweet comment.

  2. I'm care taker to my first Orchid! Jerry bought it for me as a Christmas gift and it's doing great!!! Still has all but one blossom. I haven't moved it but once, like you said. It's really the prettiest plant I've ever had. I can't draw one but I might try and fine a line drawing to watercolor. xoxo

    1. Anne, happy to hear your orchid is doing well. You should try sketching one, you might be surprised how well it comes out when you throw some watercolor on it! Have fun and thanks for coming by. Love u. Susie


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