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Watercolor of Susie from "Back in the Day

Title is referring back to Susie's last post wherein she asked the question, "Are we (meaning Susie and I) nuts or what?"  The unequivocal answer is, YES TOTALLY!  And this is not simply because we have both signed up for THREE art commitments for the year, not to mention the private challenge we have for the year between the two of us.  Both of us seem to have a penchant for charging forward before we fully evaluate whether or not we can actually pull off what we just committed to doing.  There must be a word for that...  Oh yeah there is....NUTS!

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending upon which adventure you examine carefully, this state of mind (or out of our minds) is not a new thing.  We have been this way for years.  Perhaps this is what drew (no pun intended  LOL) us to one another in the first place.  And while I don't know if this is the case, I DO know that we have had some amazing, weird, exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, hysterical and sometimes frightening adventures over the past thirty nine plus years.

Some of our adventures were in distant places (no worries, still on the planet).  During our travels whenever we have been a little uncertain of our bearings we always tell one another not to worry because we are still ON THE PLANET.  Now if we were to live long enough to have personal space travel we know we could be in BIG BIG trouble.  But for now we're good.

One close to home adventure that comes to mind does indeed involve a plane....just not one that transports people from one place to another, nor does it fly in the clouds.  But let's back up for a minute.

Susie has been a home decorating DIVA long before HGTV was ever even thought of.  She is always moving things around and putting nice decorative pieces around to spiff up her living environment.  I, on the other hand, usually just find a place where the sofa fits and leave it there.  Home decor is NOT my strong point.  In spite of this, I did actually hang wallpaper in one of my bathrooms many years ago.  I had no clue what I was doing, but hated the walls and figured, "how hard could it BE?"  Well, it was not as easy or quick as I thought it might be, but I did get it done and it DID look great!  Susie was so impressed that she decided SHE wanted to wall paper her kitchen.  Well, actually she decided she wanted ME to wallpaper her kitchen and she would help.

While I don't recall what time of day we began the project, but we both well remember that it seemed to go on forever.  The first challenge right out of the box was when we tried to moisten the wallpaper and it began to rip....before we ever got one piece on the wall.  NOT a good start.  That may have been when I had my first glass of wine.  I was anxious since I knew how much she wanted to improve her
kitchen decor and I knew I was not all sure of my ability to pull this off.  The bathroom was one thing but this kitchen was more area and had beams all across the ceiling which had to be cut around, plus the pattern match, plus it was ripping and dripping.....  This is when we say AAARRRRRGGGGG which is Greek for, "Holy crap, Batman."

So we pattern matched and pieced the torn pieces together...sometimes adding a little extra glue (Elmers I think).  Then it finally came time to do the top area over the cabinets, and around the beams and over the refrigerator.  By this time it was well into the wee hours of the morning and we were getting very tired and quite silly giddy.  So there I was up on TOP of the refrigerator on my knees (a handsome sight indeed!!!) (glad there are no pictures) leaning over the top of the adjacent cabinets to cut around one of the beams when the plane I was using to cut straight lines slipped out of my hand and behind the cabinet....and it did NOT come out from the bottom.  It had gotten lodged behind the cabinet.  And if you remember the series Fantasy Island, you will appreciate the accent in which Susie said (when she realized the plane was indeed lost), "The plane, the plane".  We both went into the biggest state of giggles till you cry that I was sure I would fall off the top of the refrigerator!!!!  It's one of those stories that you kinda had to be there to fully appreciate it, but I can truthfully tell you it's one of our favorites.  To this day all one of us has to do is mention "the plane" and both of us will think back to the late great wallpaper adventure and the lost plane.  

Hope you are having good times and making memories with your friends.  Our friends are treasures indeed.  And I also hope you find time every now and again to just doodle, draw, sketch what's on your mind.  Don't be scart...just do it.  Why not join in the fun?

Til next time....take care of your friends, have fun and

Sketch on.......
Bonnie                                                                                                                                           PS.....The plane was indeed found several years later when Susie had new kitchen cabinets installed.  THAT elicited a giggle from Susie as well.  And by the way, we never wallpapered again!

Tea and Grahams 

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