Friday, January 3, 2014

And Away We Go......

Somewhere in Florida
Sitting here at my desk wondering how many of you remember Jackie Gleason and his famous line, "And away we go".  Gleason would make his appearance on stage and do a little prelude to the upcoming skit or maybe just a little stand up comedy (with no X rated language because those WERE the good ole days!).  As he prepared to exit the stage his line was, of course,
                                        "And    a   w  a   y       w  e      g  o".
I can hear his voice in my head now as I write the words.  I am including a little picture I gleaned of the net which depicts him in the posture he used while uttering these words.

As you may remember (or perhaps can see in this picture)
the look on his face seems to say he's not quite sure how
how the show is going to turn out.  And from what
I have read of Gleason and his shows, he wasn't much
on rehearsals (to his cast's dismay) so in truth he most likely
didn't have any idea how the show was going to turn out since
he made up most of it on the fly.

Art Op near Susie's house.  We have spent
a good deal of time there painting from
a number of vantage points here.  
Now as we enter stage 2014, we have not had an opportunity to "rehearse" for what this year will bring to us.  However, and more importantly, we have had the opportunity to rehearse through all of our past experiences and years what WE will bring into the new year; and we can choose what we leave behind that does not serve our God, humanity, family, friends and all those things we purposefully want to foster in our lives.

As I happily embark on Voyage 2014, I hope you will continue to join us as we travel through times to come and visit times past through our art and sometimes whacky reflections.  Well...sometimes the art is  a little whacky too but that just makes it so much more fun.....(fun for us to do and we hope fun for you to look at).  I will leave you with a few art selections from the past.  So, from my desk to you, happy new year, sketch on..... and     AWAY WE GO..............

Take 1: From a vantage point on Pacific Coast Highway

Take 2:  From a vantage point on Pacific Coast Highway
In Orlando, Florida

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  1. wow, Bonnie! These are SO GORGEOUS!!! I love the moss :) It's one of the things I miss about living in Florida, or at least the deep south. I always know I am getting close to 'home' when I see it in the trees. xoxo


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