Monday, September 30, 2013


Hi Everyone!

It's beautiful here in Michigan.  We're enjoying the cooler temperatures and the change of season.  

Grand Rapids has a wonderful downtown area and we are lucky enough to be here during ArtPrize! AP is an international art show with a $200,000 Grand Prize awarded by public vote!  

 We cruised through downtown on the way to the Farmer's Market the day we arrived and we got a glimpse of the most fantastic art all around the city, we're planning to go tomorrow to the Art museum and view some of the exhibits. 

 Yesterday we got our first glimpse of Lake Michigan from the shoreline of South Haven, a cute coastal town with it's own lighthouse, marina and lots of shops. 


We hoofed it around town, tasted wine from a local winery and had lunch then headed towards a little Dutch Apple Farm for pumpkin ice cream and Carmel covered apples!  

 Today we are headed over to Frederick Meijer Botanical Gardens! Really looking forward to sketching in the gardens.  

Check back soon!

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