Monday, September 9, 2013

BBQ and Hibachi

  When we moved to the beach we lived in a duplex a block and a half off the ocean. There was no air conditioning in our duplex but we were lucky we had an attic fan that sucked out the heat of the day until the afternoon sea breeze kicked in.  Back in those early years we had lots of friends that would drop by and we would host impromptu cookouts on the weekends.  Everyone brought their favorite dishes and we would BBQ on our little hibachi grill.

Now, if you don’t know what a hibachi grill is, you might want to Google it <wink>. The Hibachi was a very small charcoal grill.  Cooking on the hibachi was an art, because of its compact grill size and the fact that it sat only inches off the ground.

 Conveniently located off the kitchen was a concrete porch like area, perfect for setting up the barbie. We did all of our BBQ on the back stoop.

 I can’t believe we’d BBQ chicken for a crowd on this little grill!  My secret to cutting down the cooking time was to par-boil the chicken; marinate it in BBQ sauce overnight, before grilling the next day.  It always came out yummy, tender and delicious. 

There was an understanding among friends that everyone brought a dish to share, and their own chair! The indispensable beach chair!  We had the old fashioned web-strap folding lounge chairs.  

Those were the days!  

Happy Memories!



  1. If it were up to dad, he'd still have that hibachi and beach chair!

  2. Yes he would! When I showed him my sketch he said "wonder if you can still get one of those". I'm wondering if he meant the habachi or the chair!

  3. Sometimes the old stuff is just better! American made, you know :) love the sketch.


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